Begin Again

Two. Two! Can you believe it? I began with such good intentions to post a blog at least a couple of times a month. And when I began posting last October, I really thought I could stick to it. Huh. Then I wrote two. One in October; one in November. Sigh.

Time to listen to what I say to others in coaching or working with leaders: “begin again.”

Begin again is a concept I learned from my good friend, Gary. Gary, also an executive coach, embraces the concept of begin again. It’s not unusual to hear Gary say, “We get to begin again!” He’s excited, even gleeful, about the concept of beginning again. Instead of looking at things as failures he looks at the opportunity to re-launch, re-adjust, re-something and to begin again.

Begin again is a choice anyone can make. When I don’t keep promises to myself or feel unable to focus on something like consistently writing a blog, I could choose to just give up. Or I can choose to begin again. So with this blog, I’m going to begin again. I’m setting new intentions of writing and posting some thoughts, reflections and ideas. Through these posts I want to create a grand dialogue that I hope you will want to join. What am I re-launching, re-adjusting, re-ing? I’m worrying less about being perfect and more about just putting out an idea that may start a conversation. I may even need to begin again, again.

When you don’t keep a commitment to yourself, you can let it signal failure, you can give up, you can decide not to try anymore. Or, you can begin again.

You know that old saying, “Life is what happens when we’re busy doing something else.” And it’s so easy—I’m a great example—to let that happen to you. But if I can do it, maybe you could choose to begin again, too.

What have you given up not because you didn’t want it any more, but because you just got busy doing other things?

What are you wanting to begin again?