It is autumn again and today is a glorious day. In fact, I’d call the day a compendium of gloriousity, even though I think “gloriousity” is a made-up word. I’m not sure I’m using “compendium” correctly, either, but I like the way the phrase sounds: compendium of gloriousity. What is it about certain days that make me just want to wallow in nature? It’s not like I’m a nature enthusiast who shops at REI and wears hiking boots and Patagonia gear to the local coffee shop. Perhaps it is about being fully awake in this moment?


Autumn is a time of intense activity: school starts again, with all the activities that involves. It seems as if, in our society, the idea of going back to school in fall permeates our lives long past our school days. Summer is a time of vacation, relaxing and downtime; autumn is a time of renewed focus, activity and energy.

With my farming roots, I remember this time of year being about intense activity as well. There’s a narrow window of time to accomplish all you need to do for the harvest before winter sets in.

Perhaps that is what this gloriousity is about. Here in the Northland, autumn is such a short season—a few short weeks, at best. When I see the color of the autumn landscape, its brilliance is calling me to stop, to notice, to wallow in its beauty.

While I'm busy "getting busy," those compendium of gloriousity moments in life happen all the time. I feel so blessed that autumn colors give me a visual whack on the side of my head because I don't want to miss a thing about it.