Just Breathe

Coffee. Is there anything so wonderful in the morning to get your motor running as a cup of Joe? Or maybe for you it’s tea. Or Diet Coke. Once your choice of caffeine wakes you up and you have begun your day, however, it seems like it is hard to stop. So begins my day. That caffeine-induced rush gives me an artificial energy to work through my “to-do” list, but not always in the best way. I am a stickler for correct spellings and grammar, but lately it seems like I’m in such a hurry that I don’t bother proofing things—especially emails. At times the errors I send are a bit humorous, at times embarrassing. I forget to pause before I hit send to see if what I’m saying makes sense, or that autocorrect didn’t turn my message into an auto-error.

I recently received an email:

“Let me know when you would have some time to get together.  I know you’re pretty busy so coffee is also an option.  I look forward to talking with you.
Thanks in advance,

My response:

“Dooms, be happy to meet.…the 22nd from noon to 1:30. Could we meet then?
Barbara Hoese
Sent from my iPhone - please forgive brevity and typos”

Dooms!?! How embarrassing. On that tiny iPhone keypad, I hit the “m” key instead of the “n” key. “Domma” autocorrected to Dooms. Thankfully, Donna was gracious enough not to point out my error but I still felt awful about it. Even my catch-all auto signature, “please forgive brevity and typos,” was insufficient to make this error okay by my reckoning.

iStock_000005805693XSmallWhat I need to do is to just breathe more often. Take a break, sit and enjoy my coffee instead of downing it while driving. When I simply take time to breathe deeply, I make fewer errors, I increase my emotional resilience, I end the day with more energy to do other things.

So if you don’t get that immediate response to an email from me, just imagine me sitting with my coffee, reading a book, or simply enjoying watching the neighborhood kids at play.

Maybe you will be inspired to take a break and just breathe, too.