Last Sunday was the first day of spring. Wanting to get out and welcome the new season, I got up early and went for a walk – it was thirty-nine degrees and misting, but the breeze felt positively balmy. Of course, only a Minnesotan coming through the long winter we’ve just endured would think that it was a beautiful day. Early on a Sunday, however, walking through the neighborhoods in my community, it was peaceful, just the sort of quiet that allows you to notice what’s going on around you and within you. I never cease to be amazed by the coming of spring, especially after a winter like we’ve had. It started snowing last October and we have had continuous snow cover since mid-November. Even for Minnesota, that is unusual. But in the last couple of weeks, the days have been getting noticeably longer and the sun is so much warmer. Temperatures are rising into the forties and, each day, more snow is melting.

What I love about spring is that, even in the midst of a January blizzard, when the wind is howling and the wind chill dips to 40 or 50 degrees below zero, the promise of spring persists. I know it will come; it won’t disappoint. The grass will again be green, breezes will be warm, trees will leaf out and people will venture out into the world again.

Persistence is a powerful thing. Even when it seems to lie dormant under a blanket of snow, persistence is the voice inside you saying, “Get ready. Your time for action is coming.”

I thought about that on Sunday. Then we had six inches of snow on Wednesday. More snow is forecast for next week. Kind of mocks the calendar's assertion (and mine) that it is spring.

However, snow in March is “spring snow.” It is short-lived, no match for the sun’s warmth. Spring is still persisting. That voice inside me is persisting, too. Perhaps, to paraphrase Albert Camus, “In the midst of winter, I am finally learning that there is in me an invincible spring.”