The Asterisk (*) - Part 2

When I posted the blog on The Asterisk (*), I received a lot of feedback. Some of the statements included, "Wow, that is just how I felt when I was going through that with my mom" or "The asterisk time is hard, but it really does snap life into perspective with all that comes with it." Included were some tips that were working for me to navigate that time - and I invited you to send other suggestions.  Here's what I heard:

•  "I only watched uplifting things on TV or listened on radio. No murders, or even documentary negative programs - only comedies or good news. My system couldn't take additional media negatives.

•  "Another thing I did was accept every invitation - no matter if I didn't want to go - and just wanted to stay by myself. It always ended up positive. I experienced things and people, which I wouldn't have another time."

•  "I had a bulletin board over my desk with pictures or notes from all those who were sending or giving me support. If I'd feel down, I just looked at my bulletin board and felt better."

•  "Exercise is helpful as well to get the stress out."

•  "Thanking God through prayer for all the blessings I had and asked His will in my life was very  important."


Please add any others that have helped you navigate the asterisk time by leaving a comment.