I like “tomorrow.” I often catch myself thinking, like Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” It helps me rationalize putting off what I could accomplish today until, well, tomorrow.

Finish that blog post? I’ll have time to do it tomorrow.

Respond to that client inquiry? I’m sure they don’t expect an immediate response; I have 24 hours to get back to them so tomorrow is soon enough.

Finish that agenda? I’ll do it first thing tomorrow.

Get some exercise? I’ll do it early tomorrow morning.

You see my problem here? I create an endless cycle of postponement. I get caught up in the infinity of tomorrow, and lose the opportunity of today.

And yet, when I actually finish something, I feel really good about it. I like getting stuff crossed off my “to-do” list; especially if it’s something that I’ve been avoiding. So why do I constantly put things off?

I bet you were thinking I’d have an answer to that question.