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Effective, successful leaders take time to think about their own value, vision and purpose. Pentecore Leadership Coaching provides a thinking partner who can help cut through the clutter of everyday work demands to focus on these key aspects of your leadership.  

Pentecore’s coaching process encompasses three stages:

Leaders examine their strengths and weaknesses and identify goals using evaluative assessments and reflective exercises. In this stage, leaders develop awareness of their purpose and the guiding principles that anchor their leadership.

Drawing on the learning from assessments, leaders align their identified strengths and goals with their leadership vision. In this stage, leaders calibrate their intentions and behaviors to close gaps and build success.

Leaders implement their plans for continued growth and impact, while building a leadership practice that balances reflection and action.  

Coaching is tailored to meet the schedule and needs of both senior and emerging leaders. To learn more about Pentecore’s coaching process, contact us. Read what Pentecore’s coaching clients have said about the process.

You truly made a difference in my career! Next week I take on a new role and as I interviewed for the position, I focused on the learning steps in my career. The most impactful learning step was the time that you were my Executive Coach! You helped me understand myself and most importantly, helped me discover my life purpose.
— Vice President, Operations
I want to thank you for your leadership coaching! I have grown immensely and look to you as a catalyst in my growth.
— Senior Vice President, Medical Devices Manufacturer
Many thanks for serving as my coach, confidante and challenger. You made a difference!
— Senior HR Director, Medical Device Company