LEadership development programs

Pentecore Coaching works with organizations to develop inspiring and authentic learning experiences that help leaders realize their full potential. Our long-term leadership development programs and processes include:

 Emerging Leaders Forum

This nine-month program identifies, develops and launches candidates to take on significantly greater leadership roles within the organization. The program focuses on building leaders’ unique strengths and provides skills development in leading others, leading the organization and leading in the broader community.

Leadership Learning Lab

This two-month program brings together senior leaders to identify a major issue within the organization and, working in teams, learn the skills to lead change to resolve the issue. The lab also builds leaders’ skills to foster engagement and support across the organization.

One-day Leadership Experiences

If you are looking for a half- or full-day leadership retreat experience, Pentecore can provide a workshop that helps leaders stop, take stock of their strengths and commit to putting those strengths in action. Participants will learn how to build a reflective leadership practice grounded in their purpose

I’ve never seen anyone as good as you are at entering into a team meeting, diagnosing the problems, and not saying anything. Instead, you lead the group to come to their own recognition of the issue, brainstorm solutions, and own the actions necessary to move forward.

— CEO, Nonprofit Organization