Board, Team & Organizational


Developing your Nonprofit Board

Great nonprofit boards are aligned on vision and mission, and focus on engaging the gifts and talents of their board members. Whether you are looking for a facilitated board retreat to engage your board members, or help with demystifying the board’s role in fundraising, Pentecore can help you bring the best out of your board and its members.


Building Effective Teams

Research shows that less than ten percent of senior leadership teams would say they are highly effective. Pentecore uses a team coaching approach to help team members build the strategic unity necessary to be successful.

Strategic unity is the shared focus of the team on its mission, vision and strategy and the alignment of the core values and individual contributions of the team members. 

Pentecore works with teams in three stages:


In this stage, the team strengths and gaps, clarifying mission, vision and values are identified in order to determine the requirements for optimizing opportunities.  


The team creates a common language, building its capacity to embrace courageous conversations and to create accountability mechanisms that hold the team to its commitments.


The team implements plans, creates checkpoints, adjusts course direction and celebrates successes.  

To learn more about Pentecore’s team coaching process, contact us. Read what Pentecore’s coaching clients have said about the process.

I’d like to thank you for facilitating our class. I’m amazed how much better I feel and I think my people can see a definite change as well. In fact, I’m applying my skills to my home life as well, and my family has seen a positive change in the way I approach family life as well.

— Director, Business Services Firm
Since coming back to work I’ve been extolling the amazing leadership session we had last week! My colleagues are jealous!
— Physician and Professor, Medical College
Wow, what a fantastic training you led for our group! Thriving in times of change was a perfect topic and we had a lot of fun and good discussion. Many staff commented that it was one of the best team building activities they’ve participated in and contributed it to your warm and welcoming style that encourages participation.
— Chief Operations Officer, Nonprofit Foundation